Birthing Ourselves Into Being

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With her groundbreaking debut book, Birthing Ourselves into Being: A Year Long Women’s Empowerment Program, creator Baraka Bethany Elihu transcends the restrictions of intellectually-based therapy by offering an experiential curriculum of personal healing centered not only in doing but in being. “Many women are naturally heading towards this gentler, organic approach in personal therapeutic work. Women are able to be simply witnessed in their own mastery. We don’t wish to be managed, facilitated, taught or guided,” explains Baraka. “The experts live within us.” Birthing Ourselves into Being is fully situated in the metaphor of childbirth. The book consists of twelve chapters that explore the symbolic rhythms of the childbearing year, including pre-conception and postpartum. Offering clear, innovative, and effective steps, this creative arts-based curriculum provides readers tools to emerge with an entirely new life and stories of adventure and love to inspire the journeys of other women. “We will be able to give up to our process and believe that a greater peace on the earth will emerge naturally, from the very belly of our personal, quiet revolutions,” Baraka writes. “The space we hold for ourselves and for one another becomes the usual by which the planet responds. It’s time. And we are able.”

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