Don’t Let Your Kids Be Normal: A Partnership for a Different World

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In the midst of our planetary woes, Dr. Gerry Fewster offers a timely reminder that each and every child has the inherent potential to achieve beyond the established order and create a future of that means and purpose. Adults who recognize this potential can change the course of human destiny through their relationships with children – one child at a time. To this end, Fewster urges us to reconsider our most basic beliefs and radically revise our parenting and professional practices. If we continue to name upon the experts and pharmaceutical companies to bring our kids into line, that inherent potential would possibly never be expressed. We do have options. Unlike most parenting and professional manuals, this book makes no try to diminish the magnitude of our task by trotting out more mindless prescriptions for perennial problems. With examples drawn from his own personal and professional experiences, Fewster invites the thoughtful reader to believe a unique range of possibilities that change into prescriptive parenting into a conscious and co-creative enterprise. It’s time to drop the old cliché about children being our future, we are their future they usually need us more than ever before.

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