Birth Affirmations


Birth Affirmations is a gentle positive tool to help empower you all through your pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum, and nursing experiences. Each of the 69 affirmations has been carefully chosen that can assist you create a positive vision of your baby’s birth and life. The 29 delicate graphite drawings provide you with affirmation of the beauty and power of pregnancy and childbirth as well. Birth Affirmations is small enough (4″x 5″) to carry in your purse or to keep by your bedside to refer to steadily to help create a powerful positive image of yourself in your pregnancy, in labor, and with your newborn child. The fold-out front and back covers are made to be written on so you’ll be able to include your own affirmations, your birth plan, emergency contact information and, in any case, your birth story. There is also room to glue pictures of you pregnant and of you with your newborn. Birth Affirmations is the perfect gift for any woman who is expecting a child whether at home or in a hospital, whether she wishes to have a natural birth or a medicated one. The affirmations will make stronger her in whatever choices she makes and will help her feel empowered by her experience. Sample affirmations: My Pregnant Body: “My pregnant body is glorious!” “My pregnant body is strong and powerful and perfect for birthing my baby.” Giving Birth: “I release my body to do the work it needs to do and knows how to do to birth the baby.” “My labor unfolds and progresses exactly as it will have to.” “My baby comes to me in precisely the right way for all involved.” After the Birth: “I have all of the energy and stamina I wish to care for my baby.” “Taking care of myself is the best way to care for my baby.” “I love my baby unconditionally. My baby loves me unconditionally.” Nursing: “I am perfectly equipped to nurse my baby.” “Nursing helps both me and my baby loosen up.”

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